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Uncivilized (2012)

1. Crowded Sky (6:31)
2. Nemesis (11:33)
3. Mourning (10:09)
4. The Second Calling (12:37)
5. Damned (9:29)
6. Sights from Within (12:37)
7. Dawn of the Machine (15:29)

Puzzled - EP (2013)

1. Pain that Binds Us (13:37)
2. Moonlight (6:45)
3. Deep Roots (8:25)
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Manifesto Rock Bar
São Paulo, SP - Brazil
First Bad Salad Gig
Espaço Acústica
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
Bolshoi Pub
Goiânia, GO - Brazil
Arena Futebol Clube
Brasília, DF - Brazil
O'Rilley Irish Pub
Brasília, DF - Brazil
Progressive Nation at Sea
Norwegian Pearl, Miami - USA
First International Gig
Arena Futebol Clube
Brasília, DF - Brazil
Manifesto Rock Bar
São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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Bad Salad

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The Band

so... why bad salad?

Bad Salad is a Progressive Rock/Metal band from Brasília, Brazil. While the name and attitude are purposefully humorous, the music is very serious.

The band was started in 2007 by brothers Thiago Campos (Guitar) and Felipe Campos (Bass) along with Caco Gonçalves (Drums), with the sole purpose of writing original music. Given the member's musical backgrounds and tastes, the music naturally tended towards the heavier side of progressive rock.

The name "Bad Salad" came about as a joke while discussions of how the music was going to be written were underway during early jams, when it was proposed that everyone's crazy ideas were tossed together to see what would happen. The members started to refer to the project as "Bad Salad" among themselves from then on. Given that the band members don't take themselves too seriously (and actually joke about how cliche it is for heavy metal bands to pose and act like they are big evil beings), and how fond they had grown of their moniker, they decided to stick with it for the long run. The name, through trials of love and hate, has proven to be memorable, and ironically represents the music well. The term "Bad" can be associated to the dark and heavy aspects, while "Salad" implies the variety and mix of progressive music.

In 2010 a tryout was held and the band was joined by Denis Oliveira (Vocals). The lineup would later be complete, in 2012, with the addition of a very special guest from South-Korea, Junghwan Kim (Keyboards).

The debut album "Uncivilized" was released on July 2012, and the follow-up EP "Puzzled" on October 2013, both to great critical and popular acclaim. Bad Salad soon developed into one of Brazil's greatest names of the genre, reaching and enticing fans throughout the world with a groovy mix of technicality, melody and balls.

The band is now working on their 2nd full-length album, expected for release in 2016.